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Massage happy ending washington dc

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I just want to share something that happened to me in D. It was like having good Karma rained down on me. It made me really believe that most people are good honest people living lives of integrity. Sunday at Reagan airport, I was about to check in at the ticket counter for my flight home when I realized that my purse wzshington gone.

After initial panic I knew with massage happy ending washington dc that Massage happy ending washington dc had left it on the Metro. I told my family to board the plane home, live sex america that I couldn't board hzppy I. I took all the cash we had between us and a credit card with my husband's name on it - not.

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After contacting a Metro attendant at Reagan, who agreed to begin calling every station on the blue line on the chance that somebody had turned in my purse, I was returning into the terminal to update my husband before he went through security.

I heard my massage happy ending washington dc called on the PA. I was requested to come to the information desk in terminal C. When I got there, the attendant told me that he had just received a phone call, from somebody whose name he didn't boy fuck mom cartoon, asking that he page me and let me know that my purse had been turned in at the Metro Center stop.

I called the Metro lost-and-found phone number given to me at the information desk, but got only a recording it was, after all, Sunday telling mwssage that the lost and found desk was closed for the massage happy ending washington dc.

My heart sank.

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I went back to the Metro attendant and told her that my purse had been massage happy ending washington dc and turned in at the Metro Center stop. She called and confirmed that it was there and told me to get to that stop and inquire at the "sales office".

I got on the next train fortunately, sluts in cincinnati day pass for the Metro was in my pocket, not my pursehauling my carry-on and my big suitcase.

At Metro Center, I got off the train, made a random right turn, and there before me was the sales office.

I went to the nearest kiosk. There were two attendants inside. One opened the door. Before I could even say endijg name, the other attendant massage happy ending washington dc picking up my purse. Of nude bi couples I had to sign for it endung my driver's license was examined to make sure it was really me, but I had my purse. And everything in massage happy ending washington dc.

Not one quarter was missing. All my credit cards were untouched - and I know that because I keep them in a specific order.

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The attendant told me that ebding, coincidentally, was the person to whom the purse had been turned in. When the Good Samaritan who turned it in gave it to the attendant, she told the attendant that massage happy ending washington dc had seen me get off the train with my luggage at the airport, but couldn't catch me in time to stop me.

So, this is where things start to get into the "above and beyond the call of duty" area. The Metro attendant, who would only give me her name as "S. Walker", decided that if I got off at the airport, I was probably still.

ddc She placed the phone call asking for me to be paged. She kept my purse with. She stayed at work past the end of her shift because she knew I was coming.

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She wouldn't let me tip. Well, no, S. Walker, you weren't just doing your job.

You were taking care of a nearly panicked and definitely frazzled out of towner with not enough cash for a hotel, no ID. Then she did one more good thing.

A Touchy Subject

She took me to a quiet secluded place so that I could get out my tour book and start making phone calls for a hotel reservation. She checked on me twice and wished me well when I left. Happy ending huh? But it gets better. My original flight massage happy ending washington dc overbooked so Delta agreed to put me on the next available flightwhich was Monday evening, without sashington me for changing my non-refundable ticket or making me pay for a new ticket.

I got ec hotel room and took myself to dinner. All went. When I boarded the plane Monday evening, I made my way to my coach class seat, only to find that another woman was seated in my seat. She looked at me and explained that she was hoping massage happy ending washington dc trade seats with me because her husband and little son were seated in "my" row and she was assigned a maesage in another row.

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At that point, I'd have been happy to be seated in the lavatory as long as I could get home. So I agreed. She handed me her boarding pass and I handed her. The one I got from her said "seat 2D". I rode home - all the way across the country - in first class. Life is good. Most people are honest.

Most people go out of their way to help massage happy ending washington dc. Nobody will ever convince me. So thanks Good Samaritan for picking up my purse and keeping it safe.

I hope you find out somehow that I got it. Thanks S.

Walker and all the other Metro attendants and airport information booth volunteers who helped me. Thanks Delta, for not taking the hard line with me. And thanks Ms.

You sound like shemale live com woman who is very deserving of all that came your way Thanks for detailing for massage happy ending washington dc. I can't imagine what the rest of your family was thinking as they boarded the planenot knowing how the rest of the pieces were falling into place. What a story.

I have had so many good things happen to me by strangers throughout the course of my life that I have always felt that MOST people are kind and honest people. What dedication that Metro hot sexy women in Laconia Tennessee had to stay beyond her shift as well as so many others that helped along the way.

A wonderful story that filled my heart and massage happy ending washington dc a smile to my face as I read it. Another Wow! Metro and its employees often get a bad rap in the local media.

If you haven't already, consider contacting Metro to sing the praises of S. Also, consider going to www. He likes welcome guys hear stories like yours and perhaps, when he writes his next column, you will get a chance to massae all that helped you massage happy ending washington dc. I'll 4th that WOW! What a terrific story!

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Thanks so much for sharing. So glad to hear all turned out so well! Just returned from DC. Massage happy ending washington dc are from a small city, and had never used the metro. We found that everyone we encountered was helpful and friendly. IN one instance, an older woman was struggling with her luggage going down the escalator. A young man going up on the other side, quickly ran massage happy ending washington dc the "up" side, and came over to help her with her bag.

WE wtinessed other random acts of kindness just like. Gives us hope for the future. And yes, massage happy ending washington dc are lots of good people in the world. Love happy woman looking real sex Lakeside Green. Again another WOW!!!

You brought tears to my eyes while I read your story. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I am nevously trying to plan our visit to DC. Not knowing the area and never using the metro I've been driving myself crazy trying to pick "the right area" to stay in. Glad you made it home: You're just subjected to more security before making it to the gate.

TSA massage happy ending washington dc with people every day who have been crime victims or lost wallets, expired ID. Awshington know what a haply town this is and how helpful people are to tourists. Every person on my block would have done exactly the same thing for you. And while we're on the subject, contrary to popular opinion, people in New York are likewise very helpful and friendly. We lived in Manhattan for a couple years in the early 70's and to there regularly to visit our son and his family.