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Good looking women dating married ride I Looking Nsa Sex

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Good looking women dating married ride

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What turns women into husband snatchers and makes them settle for a married man?

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Is it the need to be loved, pampered and adored? Is it because someone has to pay the rent at the end of the month? Paida Mpaso explores why some women end up as the other woman.

You cannot help who you fall in looming with, but good looking women dating married ride involved with a married man when you know that he will never leave his wife for you is getting yourself into a lot of hurt.

Not only do some people call such relationships unhealthy, others even go to the extent of saying that engaging in such relationships only shows how desperate and crazy some women can be.

So why, looling the reprimands, do women engage themselves in relationships with married men? Mary Sokosa, a mother of two in her late 20s, admits to having been in a relationship with a married man.

She says usually the men are in the relationship for one thing — sex. Even though there were feelings involved, he never felt for me as strongly as he felt for his wife.

Good looking women dating married ride I Am Look Real Sex

After people found out about them, she decided to end the relationship and move on, though she had borne him two children. Riee had fun but in the end I am the one who lost; he needed me for sex and the real woman was for security.

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With her on his side, he was safe. Rose Windale, US-based author of relationship books, writes that many women prefer dating married men for the samarkand sex. However, dating a married man is an emotional roller coaster ride.

Whether you like it or not, his first commitment is usually to his wife and his family. You are most probably an afterthought, and worse, a fleeting amusement. According to Windale, married people often have affairs due to purely selfish desire and sheer boredom.

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She further advises that engaging in such relationships is risky and makes the woman look desperate, without vision and foolish. An opportunity is presented to you and you are too greedy to say no.

Sex with a married person is dramatic, open, stimulating and very risky. For the married person, it is all these things plus a release from the mundane situation they find themselves in. You Are Here: Nation Online January 23, You might also like: All Rights Reserved.