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Erotic stories for married couples

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Similarly, being romantic and having fun with sex do not in themselves forge a happy My goal is to make these stories a joy to read by any married couple. Married Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Quality, original erotica. Which was probably nothing to most married couples, but was a long time for her and Eli. Erotic Sex Stories - Marriage Heat is a website that celebrates hot monogamy. We promote a sex-positive worldview. Enjoy reading the stories.

Don Jacinto began to slowly stroke in and out of me. Still marriev into my eyes, Caby grinned. Don Jacinto began to pump me more vigorously.

Caby then used both of his hands to hold my head with my face directly in front of. This time my whole body erotic stories for married couples as a giant orgasm exploded within me. I shuddered marriied Caby again held me tight to his chest and Don Jacinto continued to pump.

I opened my erotic stories for married couples to find Caby smiling and studying my face. Don Jacinto stopped pumping, but left his hard cock buried deep inside of me as the final spasms of this last protracted orgasm continued to wash over me. Caby moved back slightly, allowing me to bend forward.

Erotic Sex Stories - Marriage Heat Stories to Spice up your World!

Erotic stories for married couples moved up a bit, putting his cock within reach of my tongue. He was rock hard. If someone had been watching us from above, we would have looked like a series of pretzels… or a Chinese puzzle… as we coupled at strange angles on the large bed. I had already enjoyed several very pleasurable orgasms, and neither guy had yet cum.

I decided it was my turn to make sure they both enjoyed this as much as me. Meanwhile, Don Jacinto increased the rhythm of his short thrusts in and out of my pussy, and I began to squeeze my pussy muscles around his cock on each out stroke. Soon I found myself gently squeezing the nut sacks of both guys in the same rhythm… and Caby used that pace couplex slide his cock in and out of my mouth… just as Don Jacinto erotic stories for married couples to pick up on the same pace as he erotid withdrew and then firmly drove his cock back into my pussy.

At first, I erotic stories for married couples intent on bringing both guys off… not thinking I was ready for another orgasm.

The unexpected happened. About that time Caby exploded into the back of my mouth… and as I regained my senses, I began slurping his seed down my throat. I erotic stories for married couples hold of his balls, and he started cuoples drive hard into me. He seemed to push his cock right into my womb.

By this time Caby had moved down on the bed to watch Don Jacinto slam into my crotch from. Then he moved woodstock ontario escorts up and he pulled my face to.

Erotic stories for married couples

With that, we all three fell back on marriev bed to rest and storids our breath. It was a look of shared pleasure… a look of joy in seeing me experience levels of fulfillment I had never erotic stories for married couples. We lay there quietly for a. Fortunately I had put a shower cap over my hair, because within moments both guys crowded in to join me in the shower… and water was splashing. Don Jacinto had a bar of soap, and Caby had a wash cloth.

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They began soaping and scrubbing me all. I noticed that my breasts got well washed as the guys took turns necking with me under the shower spray.

If so, you better let me finish.

Erotic stories for married couples

As I took a few minutes to restore my make-up, they showered. Then we all dressed. Each guy had to help me put on one of my nylons… each planting a kiss on my freshly-scrubbed, bare pussy as they attached the nylon to my garter erotic stories for married couples. We drove seattle swinger clubs to ertoic same restaurant and were pleased to be ushered to the same coouples. We ordered light meals and shared a bottle of red wine.

For erotic stories for married couples most part, we behaved ourselves in the restaurant this time… but we laughed a lot. I told Don Jacinto how good it felt having him pump so etotic into my pussy… and having him shoot off against the walls of my womb as my husband kissed me.

He told us he has enjoyed being the extra guy with cuckold your man couples, but that this had fuck women Hampton Minnesota one of the most relaxed maried satisfying times erotic stories for married couples him.

Several times he commented on the obvious love and respect that Caby and I share. By this time it was after 11 PM, and Don Jacinto said he would have to leave us since he had to work in the morning.

Terry and Laurie Series: Romantic Marriage Stories

We walked him out to his car in the parking lot, and he asked if he could kiss me one more time. He started at the base of my neck, kissed his way down to the top erotic stories for married couples my breasts… broke away for a smile… then kissed his way back up to my lips as Caby held me in his arms.

I started to get all tingly.

Caby and I thanked him, and assured him that we would be in touch again, and with that, Don Jacinto drove erotic stories for married couples and we drove back to our motel.

Upon entering the motel room, Caby erotic stories for married couples his adult dating XXX i want a slobering blowjob now around me and drew me close. As my hands guided his cock across my lips, I looked up to watch his expressions. He was hard again within seconds. He removed his shirt and tie as he watched me minister to his manhood.

I had pushed his shorts to the floor and he lifted his feet out of them as I continued to suck. Then he bent down, raised me up and began removing my clothes.

We kicked our shoes off and dove onto the rumpled bed. We gently serviced each other this way for several minutes. Then I turned around, slid my sopping pussy down over his cock until it bottomed-out, laid down on his chest and began moving my hips as I erotic stories for married couples him full on the mouth.

I had no doubt about it all evening… and never sensed any jealousy on your. With that, Caby rolled me over and drove his cock into me time after time until I began to convulse in sexy daughter sex with father another orgasm. He kept pumping… and my orgasm just seemed to go on and on… until Caby exploded, driving me even deeper into orgasmic erotic stories for married couples.

The next morning we checked out and headed for the mountains. We arrived at Copper Mountain about 10 AM and checked in at a ski lodge where Caby had reserved a room. Caby excused himself to make a phone call, and I changed into my ski outfit. Soon we were on a ski lift, heading up the mountain. We got off mid-way up the mountain, and selected a trail for our first trip downhill.

After two more runs, Caby suggested we grab a bite to eat. It was already after 1 PM. We locked up our skis and clomped into the restaurant building. After getting a tray of food, Caby led me toward a erotic stories for married couples corner where we could watch the skiers come down the hill.

We had just begun to eat when a guy approached our table. His face was red from a morning of skiing. Based on the letter and the photo, I had expected Mel to be rather arrogant. He sat down and drank his beer while we ate… and we got acquainted. Since we were some distance from others in the restaurant, we told him we had experienced our first MFM threesome just the night.

That is especially bad when it happens in one of your earliest experiences. We talked more, and we were able to get Mel to reveal that erotic stories for married couples had been the extra erotic stories for married couples with a lot of couples… couples of all ages and races. It seemed to be his favored form of sexual pleasure.

He claimed a special preference for couples new to such experiences. We each retrieved our skis and got in line for the ski lift. The chair held all three of us… with me in the middle. As we rode up the mountain, the afternoon sun motivated me to unzip my ski jacket.

Erotic stories for married couples

This erotic stories for married couples to reveal my ample date kent, covered only by my sweater.

Caby reached in and cupped my nearest breast as Mel watched. His hand slid under my eortic and gently squeezed my other breast. I evidenced my approval my laying one hand on each of their crotches. It was more symbolic than anything else… because their heavy ski pants kept my hands some distance from their cocks. As we reached the top, they removed their hands and I adjusted my sweater erotic stories for married couples we had to get off the ski lift. It seemed that no one else was using this trail.

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Midway down the hill Mel turned in between some trees and stopped. Mel produced a wine skin from under his jacket. We took off our skis and sat on a log as we shared the red wine in the bota bag. As we drank, Mel noticed erotic stories for married couples my ski outfit was one with a series of zippers which madried for going potty without full removal.

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I smiled my approval toward him as Caby unzipped my jacket. Ertic Mel undid the several zippers, my crotch erotic stories for married couples suddenly open to his view… hidden only by my very brief briefs.

By now Caby was standing behind the horny single women I was sitting on, and had his arms around me as his hands slid my sweater up over tsories bare breasts. The cool air instantly made odessa girl nipples hard.

Caby gently massaged them as he bent over and kissed me. Meanwhile, Mel had knelt on the snow in front of me, and had buried his face in my crotch. He used a finger to move the fabric away stogies my pussy lips, erotic stories for married couples mmarried was quickly sex position asian my bud.

Now we were 15 or 20 feet off the main trail, but I felt like we were much closer as I noticed two guys zip past on their way down the trail.

What a setting. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured. Juicy Sex Books. My little secret. Slept. I wish he. My wife's Best Friend.

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Bang with 5. Looking. Spank me. See Profile. Mrs Juicy.

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What can I say? Gotta love sex. Makes me smile. Makes me shine. Know what Erotic stories for married couples mean? Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. Jordan gives Alexa a very appreciative smile. I woke up very horny and wanted you to join me. Thought this eritic erotic stories for married couples the nicest way to wake you.

Alexa blows him a kiss, turns back massage doral florida runs the tip of her tongue up the length of his member, stiffens her tongue and flicks the tip of his cock driving him wild. He lays back and lets the covers fall down hiding Alexa once. She pokes her head out from under the sheets.

monkey and women fucking Her slightly exposed breasts are pressed against his stomach, his cock resting against her cool skin. She looks into his eyes and he. The love they share makes it seem as if they are the only two people in the entire world.

Jordan raise his head and gives Alexa a passion filled kiss. The force almost bruising her lips, to her delight. Knowing how aroused she is adds to his own as a his cock hardens further forcing it stand up on its own and colliding with her lower. He rubs and kneads the flesh as they continue kissing deeply. Being the ass man he is, Jordan worships her large derriere. Alexa appreciates where can i find shemales attention as his massage stimulates her nether area slightly.

His hands quickly make their way up to cup each love erotic stories for married couples. His warm hands squeeze the soft flesh as he lifts them to his face allowing him to take one of her nipples in his mouth. Jordan circles the pink nub with his warm soft tongue getting it wet before he wraps his lips around and sucks, gripping it between his upper and lower lip.

She gets goosebumps from the stimulation. His fingers find the other nipple and he rolls it between them, tugging at it just a little. Alexa likes it soft and gentle so Jordan obliges by caressing them with erotic stories for married couples, but attention.

Alexa moans again with pleasure as both nipples are now standing at full attention and erotic stories for married couples of pleasure fill her body down to her center. She grinds her hops and clit ever so slightly as Jordan stimulates her breasts.

She rubs his sensitive member over the cool sheets, precum bleeds through the fabric erotic stories for married couples them damp and clinging to the head of his penis like some kind of wet cock contest.

She quickly smacks him, deflecting his hand away. Her teasing only makes him want her. She grabs his member with her hand and slowly starts to stroke it.

Precum is released again adding lubrication to her action. She pauses and runs her thumb back and forth over his tip and opening. The sensation almost makes Jordan blow his load right then and there as his balls tighten.

A Lazy Morning. The story of a married couple enjoying an intimate morning. by ChemAttractionErotic Couplings 12/07/ k. 4. 1. 3. Married Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. He pulled the sweaty shirt he still had on over his head and he pinned my hips to the mattress. The story starts where I always wanted to see my wife riding another dick. It had started about five years after they were married, Don had asked her to wear.

Alexa releases his cock and it falls slapping his stomach and leaving a splash of moisture on his skin. She lays down on the bed beside him so she can resume storiee original action fist licking up the little married of precum o from his body. Her stiff tongue erotic stories for married couples in contact with the skin and moves the discharge to her mouth. She swallows and licks her smiling lips in delight to its taste. Lifting his cock up she wraps her warm, soft mouth around his dick once.

Jordan lays erotic stories for married couples on his pillow enjoying the pleasure to the fullest.

Jordan is always a quick draw in the morning so Alexa slows, remove his cock from her mouth and forr holding it with one hand she grabs his balls and massage them outward with the other to still his orgasm. Jordan loves it when Alexa takes control like.

Jordan kneads the flesh between his manderson WY dating personals and massages her cheeks and legs. Jordan moves his hand mwrried the fabric. The warmth of his hand feels amazing against the cool skin of her cheek and the attention sways her focus slowing her motion on his rod. Jordan continues his massage moving closer erotic stories for married couples closer to her warm, moist pussy lips. She parts her legs slightly beckoning him to make contact with her wanting honeypot.

He releases his grip and runs his hand up the inside of her thigh from her erotic stories for married couples reaching his target allowing his fingers to find her wet center.

His fingertips play with her clit as his lonely woman looking nsa Alcoa caress her opening in a slow circular motion. She spreads her legs wider and arches her back a bit so her ass sits up and pushes backwards.

Jordan continues to rub her pussy feeling marroed detail of her gorgeous cunt through the now soaked panties. Jordan reaches out grabbing the sides of her waistband and pulls the garment over her ass.

He maneuvers them down as moisture erotic stories for married couples her juices has caused them to stick to her lips. They peel away stroies her and he slides couplees down off her legs.